Australia’s Best Business Magazines by Bean Media – An Independent Review

Australia’s Best are a set of four separate business magazines published by Sydney-based media company, Bean Media Group. They cover four industries, namely Retail, Manufacturing, Food and Drink, and Building, Construction and Mining. Competition in the business magazine world is high, but Australia’s Best seem to be leading the way when it comes to providing a high-quality business title. It may be a bold statement, but these business magazines continue to impress.

By sniffing around Bean Media and the Australia’s Best magazines, I have found that there has been some very positive feedback about the magazines, and the readership and circulation is one of the best in the country. Indeed, by the rate that Bean Media are receiving subscription requests for Australia’s Best, they will hold the title of biggest circulating business magazines for each specific industry within a matter of months.

But, once you take a look into the Australia’s Best magazines themselves, you will discover that it’s not just a quality readership that adds immense value to Bean Media Group’s portfolio of ‘Australia’s Best’. The editorial content is very good, the quality of the magazines themselves is very high and the angle that Bean Media take on highlighting specific companies that are accepted into Australia’s Best is innovative. Indeed, the advertisements and the editorial in Australia’s Best in submitted to Google and Yahoo news worldwide, so the company seem to be providing a high quality online service as well as delivering on their claim to be the best business magazines in Australia.

What is also impressive about Bean Media’s magazines, are the quality of companies that appear within Australia’s Best. The company has secured editorial features on major industry heavyweights that adds a rubber stamp of approval to Australia’s Best. BHP Biliton, Myer, McDonalds, Multiplex, Ford, Toyota and FoodWorks are all companies that have been accepted to appear in their relevant Australia’s Best magazine. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty more companies that are in the magazines, but the scale and quality of these companies is definitely not small.

Bean Media also run the Australia’s Best awards for companies that have demonstrated efficient supply chain management. The awards are fast-becoming highly regarded in the supply chain world and Bean Media have noticed an uptake on companies applying to be featured within Australia’s Best.

If companies are accepted, they can expect an in-depth editorial feature on their company with added exposure through both Google and Yahoo news. Bean Media don’t make any claims to add additional online distribution channels, but we’ve seen company features popping up on many international business websites, including the International Business Times. Such exposure for companies is obviously highly valuable, especially so considering Bean Media don’t charge for companies to be featured in the Australia’s Best magazines.

The success Australia’s Best seems to continue to grow and the company is exhibiting at a number of major exhibitions in 2010 showing off it’s impressive portfolio of magazines. Bean Media will be at National Manufacturing Week, The Retail Expo, Design Build and Fine Food Australia.

Another reason why they should be proud of their work with Australia’s Best, is the approval from numerous industry associations around the country. These include SCLAA, CILTA, APICS, LAA and NRA. These partnerships that Bean Media have formed adds a significant number of industry professionals to their subscriber database. As mentioned earlier, the distribution is expected to climb throughout 2010 to be the highest in the country for each industry magazine.

For more information on Australia’s Best, please call (02) 9939 7899, or via their website, Companies wishing to be considered for editorial inclusion should also call this number.